There are three ways a dog comes to Smiling Dog Farms:  From a shelter  From another rescue group  From a private party Our goal is to make ourselves accessible to anyone who needs to send a dog here.  We try to always say "yes".  And we have the most liberal Intake Policy of any sanctuary in North America! We don't ever want a dog to be turned away over money, and yet we have to acknowledge that every new dog coming here adds to our expenses. So, we ask the person or group sending the dog to help us with funding. There are two kinds of funding we need help with: Housing Day-to-Day Operational Costs Housing is a one-time expense.  As of 12/17/2012, our current cost for materials: To build a standard 12x16 play yard with a 4x5 townhome and loft: $1,362  To increase the length of the yard:  $87 per 4-ft extension To install Jumper Panels for jumpers and climbers:  o $127 for standard yard o Plus $21 for each 4-ft extension To install Subterranean Reinforcement for diggers:  o $114 for standard yard o Plus $19 for each 4-ft extension  We tell people sending a dog here, "If you have the money to build the townhome, you need to send it to us. But if you don't, we will show you how to raise that money." We create a ChipIn webpage and ask the person sending the dog to circulate the link to this page to all their friends, family and business contacts. The ChipIn widget on the page tracks how much has been raised and how much is still needed. All we ask is that the sending party donate time on their computer to keep circulating the ChipIn webpage until the goal is met. Once we have housing covered, we still have to pay for the ongoing day-to-day costs of caring for a dog. It costs us $2.67 per day, which is pretty reasonable compared to boarding facilities. But that still adds up to $80/mo. That pays the salaries of our team members who service the dogs each day, buys dog food, and pays for vet care. (Ricky and Jay do not receive a penny in compensation; they are 100% volunteers) We don't ask the sending party to pay $80/mo from their checkbook, unless they just want to handle the costs themselves. We ask them to donate more time on the computer to sign up monthly sponsors. Just 8 people at $10/mo will cover the costs for one dog. Or 4 people at $20/mo. You get the idea. We are clear with people sending dogs here that they MUST commit to meeting these funding goals.  We provide the emails and ChipIn pages to send out. They just need to diligently keep sending them out to their family, friends and acquaintances until we meet our goals. We must cover our operational costs, or every new dog will just stretch our meager resources that much thinner. Everyone has sadly read of rescues which have to close their doors because they said yes too many times, without keeping an eye on the bank account. And then all their dogs are at risk! Still have questions?  Please refer to our FAQ page. It is sad but true that rescue is all about money. If you have it, you can do anything. If you don't have it, you can do nothing.
Our Intake Procedure:  What you need to do
A 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation                                                                                                          Smiling Dog Farms is Absolutely, Unequivocally NO-KILL!!!
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PLEASE NOTE: If you are uncertain whether your dog may be a climber, jumper or digger, we strongly urge you to purchase jumper panels and perimeter reinforcement so that your dog can not jump, climb, or dig out of his new play yard!
Smiling Dog Farms is over capacity and we have closed intake until further notice, without exception. We made the tough decision to close intake so we can focus on the dogs already living here. They are our first obligation.  We need your support to help us do our very best for these dogs who depend on us. We need your help in moving our adoptable dogs on to families of their own.  Please rally behind us and our dogs in our time of need!