This happy guy is Sounder. Sounder is about 3 years old now. He loves everone he meets - dogs, people, squirrells - he’s a high energy boy who’s looking for someone to hang out with and enjoy life. This special baby just needs a family to love him so he doesn’t end up living out his days at the farm! Sounder only weighs about 60 pounds. He’s old enough to be past the puppy stage, but still young enough to love to run and play. He’s a happy, goofy, friendly boy. And he’d just love to become your new best friend! Do YOU need a new best friend? If you might be interested in adopting this great dog, please contact us at
Our primary mission at Smiling Dog Farms will always be to provide a Sanctuary - a safe place - for unadoptable dogs facing certain death. But adoptable dogs that have run out of time at a shelter are welcome to come here. These dogs, through no fault of their own, were abandoned or dumped at shelters ... or picked up by animal control and no one came to claim them. Shelters have serious space and time constraints. If dogs aren’t claimed or adopted quickly, they have to give up their kennel space for new dogs coming in - so, highly adoptable dogs die simply because they were not selected. They haven’t done anything wrong. They have no issues that make them unadoptable. They are normal, healthy, lovable dogs that unfortunately ended up on death row. Caring people contact Smiling Dog Farms about these dogs in the hope that, if they are given more time, a loving family will find them. Smiling Dog Farms will step in for them because they ARE facing certain death. They have nowhere else to go. Melody, our National Adoption Coordinator, and our other Adoption Partners, work tirelessly to find homes for them. If you’re interested in adopting any of these dogs please email us at for an application. All of the dogs shown on this page are Available for Adoption. While these dogs wait for their adopting families to find them, they need help to pay for their care and maintenance here at Smiling Dog Farms. If you are not looking to adopt, please consider sponsoring one of these dogs while they wait.
If you are interested in becoming an Adoption Partner or know of a Rescue Group that would be willing to help us find forever homes for our adoptable dogs, we would love to talk to you. Please contact us.
*** RECENTLY ADOPTED *** Click on this link to see some of our babies that have recently found their new forever homes.
A 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation                                                                                                          Smiling Dog Farms is Absolutely, Unequivocally NO-KILL!!!
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Our Adoptable Dogs
YOU Can Help There is no such thing as a gift too small! We have all heard that before, and there is a reason, it is completely true! Even a monthly gift of $10.00 helps greatly to support one of these dogs.
Boyda I’m Adoptable!
Ishmael I’m Adoptable!
Lewis I’m Adoptable!
Malcolm I’m Adoptable!
Mary Ann I’m Adoptable!
Niki I’m Adoptable!
Doggie I’m Adoptable!
Marylou I’m Adoptable!
Opal I’m Adoptable!
Roxy Anne I’m Adoptable!
Penny I’m Adoptable!
Owen I’m Adoptable!
Diego I’m Adoptable!
Sweet Pea I’m Adoptable!
Stan I’m Adoptable!
George I’m Adoptable!
Lucky D. I’m Adoptable!
MacArthur I’m Adoptable!
Mikki I’m Adoptable!
Maury I’m Adoptable!
Pickle I’m Adoptable!
Tabitha I’m Adoptable!
Alfried I’m Adoptable!
Henry I’m Adoptable!
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Monthly Sponsorship Options*
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Sponsor Heartworm Treatments  The medicine is only $80 for the 6 month holistic treatment we do for HW positive dogs. Please consider helping us pay for their treatments.
Click on each picture to read their stories
Curtis was a “street dog”, roaming the streets and surviving the best he couold when someone picked him up and brought him to us. Curtis likes it here at the farm where he’s safe and has plenty to eat. Curtis is a beautiful brown and white mixed breed terrier. He’s a medium size, weighing about 50 pounds. We think he is probably 6 years old. He’s a happy boy that get’s along well with other dogs. He doesn’t pay much attention to cats. Curtis is a good, friendly dog that would love to go on walks with you or snuggle on the sofa while you watch TV. He really deserves a real home and a family to love him. He has so much love to give and will make wonderfully loyal companion.
Please contact us at  to learn how you can adopt Curtis.
Princess Montana says, “I've been told that I am a Katrina Dog. I'm not sure exactly what that means. I just know that my head is spinning from all the places I've lived in! First one family said I could live with them. They named me Princess. I liked the idea of being a Princess! But then they changed their minds and said I couldn't stay. So I went to live with another family - but for some reason, they didn't understand that I was a Princess!! And they renamed me Montana. But it was ok. I got used to that name too. But then they said I couldn't stay. I don't know why I kept getting sent back. It made me sad. But then I met a really nice lady named Debra, who contacted lots of rescues, looking for a safe place where I could stay until I could find an real home. Finally, she asked Smiling Dog Farms if I could live here, and they said YES! Jay and Ricky call me Princess Montana! I like that! I even get to live in a great townhome with two buddies, just like a Princess!" Princess Montana is a sweet older girl that gets along really well with other dogs. She even likes cats (well . . .  she tolerates them). If you think you would like to give an older girl like Princess Montana a good home to live for the rest of her life, please contact Jay at and get more information.
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Click on each picture to read their stories
This is Chief And this is Bear These stunning boys were sent here by their family because they could no longer keep them. Their mom was moving (with her cats) and these boys don’t much like cats, so they could not go with her. And we’re told that they kept getting out of their yard - although we’ve had no problem with them staying inside their fence here at the farm. They are bonded boys, and they need to stay together. We will not separate them. We aren’t sure of the breeds, but clearly there are big fuzzy dogs in the mix somewhere. They have TONS of pretty fur and fluff up nicely when brushed. Although they manage the heat okay here in Texas, they would do really well in a cooler climate. These boys seem shy at first but will be friendly once they get comfortable with you. They’re sweet guys. We’ve seen no signs of any aggression from either of them. Since they’re very large dogs, they need some space to run. Apartment dwelling is not really a good option for them.
We are hoping to find a good home for these bonded buddies soon. They deserve to have a great family to love and care for them. If you might be interested in adopting these great dogs, please contact us at
Click on each picture to read their stories
These pretty girls (and their sister Frieda) came to Smiling Dog Farms with their mom, Hildegarde, in 2007. They were just puppies - only about 6 months old. Their little family had been left behind at an apartment when their owner moved out! Animal Control was called, and they ended up at the Wharton City Shelter. When no one offered to adopt them, the ACO of the shelter contacted us to see if we could take them in and give them a second chance - we could make room for them and we said YES. These beautiful German Shepherds are now about 7 years old. Gerda has white markings, and Ilse is a beautiful pale color. They are large dogs, weighing about 75 pounds. Both are very sweet and friendly, although they are somewhat shy when they first meet you. That’s because they’ve never had a family of their own. Once they get to know you, they warm up nicely. Like most German Shepherds, we believe that Gerda and Ilsa will be wonderful companion dogs given the opportunity. Their sister Frieda was adopted during 2014. Like Frieda, these pretty girls each deserve a great family to love them and give them good home ... and never leave them behind again. Do you have a place in your heart and home for Gerda? And maybe her shy sister, Ilse too? If you would be interested in adopting either or both of our sweet girls, please contact us at for more information.
Sadie & Sallie Were Adoptable! Isaac & Sadie Were Adoptable! Layla & Leon Were Adoptable!  Click HERE to read about us
Click on each picture to read their stories
Bea and Efran are a mom and her son. Bea came to us from a Texas shelter. (Bea is the lighter colored of the two.) She was a "cracker jack" dog, who came to us with a surprise inside! We had no idea she was pregnant when she arrived! Efran was born at Smiling Dog Farms, and has grown up here. He has lived with his mommy his whole life! We don't really know if Bea had puppies before and was experienced at mothering, or if she just naturally knew by instinct, but she was a great mom. Efran still follows his her everywhere she goes! And because they are so bonded and clearly love one another so much, we do not want to separate them in adoptive homes. These are not large dogs - Efran weighs about 25 pounds and Bea is about 30 pounds. Bea is more outgoing with people. Efran is a bit shy. But both dogs enjoy being petted and fussed over. They are easy going and get along with other dogs. We are hoping to find a family who will accept both Bea and Efran, together. If you would consider providing a forever home for this special pair, please contact us at               
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Blondie (we did not name him!!) is an exceptionally sweet boy. He is not high energy, but not one to just lay around either. He likes to run and play. He likes his toys, and he is good with other dogs. He shares his play yard with a friend here at the farm and they have fun together. He doesn’t like cats so much - but here at the farm our cats walk by to tease and and stir up the dogs. If the cat was a friend living in the same home, Blondie would probably be okay with it. Blondie is a bigger guy with a very mild personality. He loves company and he’ll be excited to see you, and will dance around you when you come to visit. He’s probably about 4 years old and weighs about 55 pounds or so. He was an owner turn in, from a really shabby part of Montgomery County. We don’t know much more than that about his life before Smiling Dog Farms. We’re just glad he’s here with us and we are hoping to soon find him a good family who will give him the love and attention he deserves! If you might consider providing a forever home for this handsome boy, please contact us at and we’ll do what we can to make that happen. 
This beauty is named Cher. Cher is an adult Redbone Coonhound mix. We think she’s about five years old. She’s a large gentle dog with an elegant stature and beautiful floppy hound dog ears. This sweet, affectionate girl loves people and loves being petted. Cher can be a little bit stubborn, but she’s also sensitive. Owners of this breed need to know that harsh training methods are not effective with Coonhounds. A gentler hand brings much better results. Since she comes from a long line of hunting dogs, it’s important that her yard has a good fence and space where she can get plenty of exercise. She should be kept on a leash any time she’s in an unconfined area outdoors. Coonhounds are born to sniff out game, and Cher’s nose will take her far afield if she gets out of her yard. Cher’s only behavorial issues that we’re aware of is that she tends to be food aggressive and doesn’t much like other dogs, especially around mealtime. It would be best for Cher to be adopted into a home where she is the only dog. If you might be interested in adopting this great dog, please contact Jay or Ricky at
Cornelius says, "Look what somebody did to my poor ears!” When Cornelius was just a puppy his ears were hacked off right up close to his head so that there’s hardly any ear left. It had to have been extremely painful. It’s hard to understand how anyone could be that cruel to a puppy! In spite of what he’s been through, Cornelius is the absolute sweetest dog you’ll ever meet. He so appreciates anything you do for him. He loves to be petted and kissed and fussed over. He is such a good boy! He’ll try really hard to please you! He just wants you to love him! We don’t know much about his background, except that he was clearly mistreated as a puppy. Cornelius came to Smiling Dog Farms from a shelter in 2011. We think he was about 5 or 6 years old at that time. He’s a large dog, weighing about 75 pounds. But don’t let his size intimidate you. He’s a just a great big sweet teddy bear. When you visit him at his play yard, he comes right over to give you kisses through the fence! He is so excited to see you, it’s hard for him to be still. We really want to find a family for this beautiful boy. He will be a loyal companion animal, who will take really good care of his humans! He has so much love to give. Do you know somone who needs to be loved by a boy like Cornelius? Could that someone be YOU? If you might be interested in adopting this awesome dog, please contact us at
Mercedes is a beautiful mixed breed dog. She’s a larger dog, weighing about 60 pounds. Her fur is thick and short, and is a gorgeous fawn color. We think she may be part Lab. She certainly has a great disposition, like a Lab. Mercedes is very friendly with people. She loves to be fussed over. She’s also good with most dogs. We don’t know how she does with cats, but we can cat-test her if that’s important to a potential adopter. This beautiful girl is patiently waiting for a family to love her. We are really hopeful that we can soon find a family who will love her and call her their own! Could that be YOU? Would you like to be her new family? If so, contact us at so we can work out the details. You don't have to live in Texas to adopt this wonderful dog!
Click on each picture to read their stories
Laura & Larry Were Adoptable!
This precious boy is Lazarus! Why is he named Lazarus, you ask? Because this baby came to us nearly dead! And against the odds, he survived! He was just a puppy - cold to the touch and his head hanging over. He was found by someone locally and dropped off at the farm. We thought we were just going to hold him and love him until he died in our arms ... but he surprised us, quickly responding to our love and care - and he bounced back! Bounced is the operative term here! In his play yard, he races from one end to the other and hops up and down a mile a minute. This little guy has more energy than a barrel of Jack Russells! But if you pick him up to hold him, he instantly turns into a "cuddler" and will snuggle in your arms! Lazarus is a sweet, happy boy, without an aggressive bone in his body. He is now almost 2 years old and weighs about 35 pounds. He’s a mix breed - just a beautiful little brown mutt - and is probably as big as he’s going to get. He loves other dogs and adores people! He is SO precious and special, a very loving little guy. Lazarus is a total snuggle bug. This special little guy toughed out a very rough beginning to his life. He deserves to be the center of someone's world! He deserves an EXTRA special family! We will hold out for just the right adopter for this guy - he worked far too hard to stay alive for us to put him in a place where he could ever be in trouble! Could that be YOU? If you would be interested in adopting Lazarus, please contact us at
This is Leila! Leila came to the farm from a shelter in Alvin, Texas. She is a real doll. Leila is a short haired terrier/Labrador mix that we estimate to be about 3 to 4 years old. She is a medium sized dog, weighing about 45 pounds and is a beautiful golden apricot color. When she first arrived at Smiling Dog Farms she was very shy and timid. But after she settled in here, she became more confident. Even though she’s still a bit shy at when she first someone, she soon warms up and give lots of kisses! She is the best dog you could ask for... playful and happy and loving! Leila's biggest stumbling block is that she is not fond of most other dogs. A home without other dogs is a must. She needs to be the only dog. We don’t know how she feels about cats, but we’ll cat test her if that’s a concern. We are looking for a quiet home for Leila, without a lot of activity in and out of the house. We know she will thrive in that kind of environment, and will be a very devoted pet. It’s our hope that this sweet girl will find her forever home soon! If you would be interested in adopting Leila, please contact Ricky or Jay at
Roger has been waiting a long time for a family! He was a "stray" and no one claimed him. He had stayed at the shelter so long, they didn't think he would ever be adopted. No other rescues had room for him, so the shelter director emailed Smiling Dog Farms and asked if he could live here until a home could be found for him. And we said YES! Well, that’s been a little while ago. And he's still here! Roger is a very friendly guy with a happy attitude. He gets along well with other dogs and loves to be around people. He gives big kisses, if you let him! He weighs about 60-65 pounds and is probably about 5 years old. He is still very young at heart and loves to play! And he tries really hard to be a good boy. Roger likes it here at the farm. He has a nice yard to play in, and a cozy cottage. But he would really like to have a family of his own to love him. He'll make you proud of him, if you will take him home. You can look into his big shining eyes and see how much he'll love you! If you think you might make room in your home and heart for Roger, please contact us at to discuss the possibility.
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Costello Im Adoptable! Im Erika And Im Sophie Click on our pictures to read about our journey to the farm.
Amelia I’m Adoptable!
Click on each picture to read their stories
Avenida came from BARC a few months ago in the spring of 2013. She had mange, and many of the rescues will not take dogs with mange. Here at Smiling Dog Farms, we know how to deal with mange, so we didn’t let that stop us from helping her. Avenids’s mange is cured and she now has all her beautiful fur back. Just look at her! Isn’t she beautiful? This is an extraordinary dog. She’s mostly beagle, and is so very calm and easygoing, it is amazing. Nothing bothers her or stirs her up. She does not get excited. She rarely barks. And she’s completely unflappable. Because Avenida is so sweet, engaging and easy going, we think she would be the perfect companion for an older person who wants a dog to lay beside them on the couch and just keep them company. We think Avenida is about 4 years old. She’s not a large dog, weighing only about 40 pounds - so she doesn’t take up a lot of space. If you are interested in taking this very special girl home with you, please contact us at to find out how to make that happen. This pretty girl will bring nothing but love and joy to her new family!
Rocky is a typical big goofy, happy Lab. He came to us from BARC in Houston. Rocky had been roaming the streets, surviving as best he could, so he was a little undernourshed when the folks at BARC sent him to us. It didn’t take long for him to put on weight though. We free feed here, so our dogs have kibble available all the times. A few weeks of good chow and TLC and this handsome boy was looking good. Rocky is about two years old and is a Lab mix weighing in at about 60 pounds. He’s very friendly, good with other dogs, and not bothered by cats. He’ll be a great family dog. Would you be interested in adopting this sweet boy? If so, please contact us at  for more information.
Laverne & Shirley Were Adoptable!
Curly and Shemp are stunningly beautiful boys that were born into a rescue situation around April 2013. They are Wirehaired Terrier/Labrador Retriever mix and will most likely grow up to be smaller than a full-blood Lab. These pups desperatly need a family (or families) to love them. Curly is the blonde pup. His markings are unique and his coat has some curl to it. He’s is very sweet, a little bit shy, but he’s eager to be with people. A gentle calm home would be best for him. He loves affection, and is young enough to blossom into a very well rounded family pet. If you could consider giving this pretty boy a good home, please contact us at Curly would love to meet you. Shemp takes after his black Lab parent in looks. His coat is wavy, but not wire hair. He’s sweet and gentle and eager to please, with a fun happy personality. He’s quite playful and care-free. Do you want Shemp to come join your family? If you’d like to meet him, contact us at and learn more. Both of these guys are still puppies, so they need guidance and positive reinforcement as they learn what life is all about.  These are smart boys, and if you’re willing to show them the way and set a good foundation, they’ll learn quickly. Both have the potential to become totally devoted companions.
Irene I’m Adoptable!
and were Adoptable! Im Miles and Im Chanel This is Gerda
and this is Ilse
Reilly came to us through our friend, Laurine, who saved her from the Texas City shelter. This energetic little girl has a wonderful personality and a happy, playful disposition. Reilly is a medium sized dog, weighing about 45 pounds. We think she is about 3 years old, so she’s past the puppy stage but still young enough to be a great playmate. She loves people and gets along with other dogs. This pretty girl is looking for a family of her own. Could that be you? If you are looking for a new best friend, and you think that could be Reilly, please contact us at and we’ll introduce you.
Say hello to Reilly!
 We Need Fosters Here at the farm, our dogs live by dog rules. A little time with a good foster family that can teach our babies how to behave in “polite company” will go a long way to help them successfully settle in with a new family once they’re adopted. If you would be interested in fostering one of our adoptable dogs, please contact us. We would love to hear from you. 
Berniece Im Adoptable!
Chiffandra I’m Adoptable!
Anastasia came to Smiling Dog Farms from one of the shelters nearby. Like so many shelter dogs, this beautiful girl had run out of time and was on the short list to be put down. We have no knowledge of her life before she landed in the shelter, but when she came to the farm, she was very fearful of humans, almost feral. Over time she has really come around. Anastasia is still a bit suspicious of anyone she doesn’t know, but once she gets to know and trust you she is very sweet and loving. She’ll come right up to you for hugs and attention. She positively adores Jay now, which is a big difference from when she first came to the farm, Back then she wouldn’t let anyone get very close to her - not even Jay. We would so much like to see Anastasia find a family of her own. She needs to be in a home where she is the only dog - a home where she can be the center of attention. We just know there is someone out there who would be as devoted to this sweet girl as she will be to them. If our beautiful Anastasia could be the companion you’ve been waiting for, please contact us at We’d just love to introduce you to her!
Mikey came to us with his best friend ,Mitzy, from a rescue in Oklahoma in the summer of 2012. He’s the little brown dog on the right. A volunteer for the rescue was fostering them, but it turns out, was not socializing them. By the time the rescue realized this, Mikey and Mitsy were totally feral and fearful of people - the rescue just couldn’t place them. So they came to Smiling Dog Farms together and we promised we would make sure this bonded pair stayed together. Over time, they came to trust us and would come to us and let us touch them. We were very encouraged by this breakthrough and had hopes that we would be able to find a loving home for these best friends. The sad news is that sweet Mitsy died peacefully in her sleep in the fall of 2013, leaving little Mikey all alone. Mikey continues to improve steadily and will now come to the fence of his play yard and give you kisses. He’s a quiet little older guy. While he is still shy at first, he is so much more socialized than he was when he first came to us that we know he can be a wonderful little companion for the right family. He will need a family who can be patient and gentle with him, and give him time to get to know and trust them. With time, we have no doubt that Mikey will learn to love them, just as he has learned to love us. Do YOU have what it takes to give this special little guy a loving home? If so, please contact us at and we’ll introduce you to him.
Fred is a great big sweetheart! He came to Smiling Dog Farms, along with about 10 other dogs, from a shelter in Savannah, Georgia. He kept getting passed over - probably because of his size - and had run out of time. Fred is great with people, very loving and sweet. He wants to be held and cuddled. He’s just a lap dog at heart, in spite of his size. Fred is a big guy, weighing about 95 pounds. He’s tall and lanky. We think he’s a mix of Great Dane and possibly Greyhound or Doberman (or both). We aren’t sure how old he is, but he’s getting a little grey around his muzzle, so he’s getting on in years. Fred is a high energy dog who really wants to please you. More than anything, he just wants someone to love him. Would YOU be interested in taking this handsome boy home? If you think you could love Fred, please contact us at for more information.
Baxter is a grand old man here at the farm. He came with us from Albuquerque and has been with us a LONG time! He has to be at least 15 years old now. He was left behind by one of our tenants, and we took him in. He’s such a sweet old guy. He’s easy going, and great with other dogs. He even gets along okay with cats. It would be wonderful for Baxter if some family would take him home and let him spend what he has left of his golden years with them. This mild-mannered elderly dog has been waiting so patiently for someone to love him. Would YOU be interested in letting Baxter be your companion for the time he has left? If so, please contact us at and let us know. Please hurry! Baxter doesn’t have many years left to wait!
Sweet little Emma is looking for a new home! Are you looking for a new best friend? This very special little girl came to us from BARC. She’s another great dog that just ran out of time in the shelter and was in danger of being euthanized. Thanks to our contacts at BARC, we were asked to bring Emma to the farm to give her a second chance at having a loving home of her own. Emma is very sweet and friendly. We think she’s about 3 years old. She’s past the puppy stage, but she’s still young enough to be active and playfull. Emma gets along very well with other dogs, and as you can see, she’s the perfect size to cuddle up with you and be your companion. She doesn’t take up much space. Can YOU make room in your heart and home for pretty little Emma? If you think you can, please contact us at for more information. Emma would be so happy to meet you.
Meet Fiddle. She’s a pretty younger dog that has been here at the farm since late 2013. She’s a little mixed breed dog that is now about a year old. She’s very shy, but we’ve been working with her to show her she can be trusting of people and she’s coming along beautifully. We have her living with us here at the house, and she’s making amazing progress. She’s quickly gone from being really scared of us to letting us pick her up and carry her around, and is showing potential of becoming a great snuggler. She’s really cute when we give her a treat - she’ll nudge it with her nose for us to drop it, and then she’ll eat it. And her version of a kiss is to touch you with her nose. Fiddle is great with other dogs and has become best buddies with Costello, one of our older adoptable guys here at the farm. She encourages him to get up and play, and he coaxes her to slow down and relax in the sun. It’s a match made in heaven! Although she’s happy here at the farm, we’d just love to see a great family take this pretty baby and give her the loving home she deserves. Won’t you consider making little Fiddle part of your family? If so, please contact us at and we’ll introduce her to you.
Faith & Hope our Dumpster Darlings Were Adoptable!
Virginia and Her Puppies Virginia is a beautiful hound mix that came to us very pregnant from BARC. She is about 4 years old, very sweet, very friendly to other dogs and with people. Soon after she arrived at the farm, she had 8 beautiful puppies, born the second week of May 2014. Virginia and all her puppies are available for adoption. If you are interested in adopting this sweet girl or any of her puppies, please contact us at  for more information.
#1 - male
#3 - male
#5 - male
#6 - male
#7 - male
#2 - female
#8 - female
#4 - female
Corona is a beautiful female pit bull mix. She’s about 2 years old and is a medium sized dog, weighing only about 40 pounds. Sweet Corona is a good with other dogs, but is a little shy with people. Once she gets to know you though, Corona warms up and her personality shines through. Would you be interested in adopting this pretty girl and giving her the home she deserves? If so, please contact us at  for more information.
Jack is a cute little doxie-hound mix. He’s about 10years old and weighs only about 30 pounds. He’s a perfect example of good things coming in small packages.Jack loves people and is friendly with dogs. He’s going to make a great companion for your family. If you’d be interested in adopting this charming little guy, please contact us at  for more information.